Introducing Quick Password Generator

Not too long ago, I signed up for HaveIbeenpwned to keep track of when my information might be exposed in data breaches. This was driven by an understanding of how insanely poor the security practices in India, and the fact that I used a few permutations of the same password everywhere on the web.

The deluge of E-mails informing me of the breaches got me to seriously invest in measures such as a password manager and 2FA. However, one area I still found myself making mistakes for the past couple of years was the passwords I picked for services where I signed up on my phone, simply because how challenging it can be to generate a password from inside a different app, copy it and paste it into sign up forms.

And I’m certainly not the only one: nearly half the respondents to my tweet said they never used an app on their phones to for generating strong passwords. I followed up with suggestions to password manager apps to incorporate something simple. However, the brainstorming gave me an idea of how this could be built in a fairly simple manner for Android without password managers.

This led me to the creation of Quick Password Generator. The app is designed to do one thing, and do it well: make it easy for you to generate a password while signing up for a service without leaving that service’s app. How? Simply swipe down and use a Quick Setting Tile on your Android device instead. Here’s a demo below

Key call outs

  • Fully open sourced
  • No permissions used whatsoever. Not even internet (even if that means I can’t get crash reports)