Introducing Quick Password Generator Aug 25, 2019 Not too long ago, I signed up for HaveIbeenpwned to keep track of when my information might be exposed in data breaches. This was driven by an understanding of how insanely poor the security practices in India, and the fact that I used a few permutations of the same password everywhere on the web. The deluge of E-mails informing me of the breaches got me to seriously invest in measures such as a password manager and 2FA.
The Social Network Syndrome Aug 01, 2013 This isn’t an easy post to write, since I don’t like getting too personal while blogging. It is, however, an important one. I thought about writing it anonymously, but I’m not too fond of hiding behind a mask. It’s just past noon on Saturday. To be honest, it sort of feels like a long Wednesday for me that still hasn’t ended. While most of my life seems like a blur, the last few days feel like one, long, difficult stretch.